15 Viral Selfies Gone Horribly Wrong

It’s the era where technology has taken over and the selfie generation is on the rise! We’re not saying it’s a good thing, we’re just saying that a lot of things that used to go unnoticed are now being captured on camera for the world to see! No matter what you do, you can never be too careful about what picture you put up. Even your best selfies can go hilariously wrong and you might end up regretting it!

Selfies with a red light

Photobombers are everywhere, you can never be too careful! They tend to turn your best selfie into complete trash and that’s what happened here. Remember kids, before you take a selfie, make sure you look around…especially when you’re waiting at a red light!
Kids are really advanced!

Even babies take pictures now but it’s great when your parents feed that photography obsession at a very young age. In this case, the kid seems to be way too young to be doing this! Word of advice: buy a selfie stick instead!

A little privacy, please?

Here’s a selfie that demands privacy. Your friends are either drunk or they really have no concept of when not to take a picture. Another word of advice: if your friend is peeing, take a picture after she’s done? It’s less embarrassing for everyone!
Need more privacy

There are so many reasons that could be surrounding this picture but the poor girl ended up looking like she’s trying to be dirty. You should really ought to get a much more private cubicle if you’re attempting pictures like this…it’ll only do you good.

Your shades gave it away

You know, before you post a picture, or caption, be sure there’s nothing that gives it away. That being said, the traffic seems to have dispersed quite fast! Here’s a word of advice you shouldn’t avoid at any cost: Don’t use your phone while driving!
Cool shit

There’s a right time to take a selfie and sometimes that’s not immediately after you take a dump because, sometimes, you can see it! Remember how we talked about looking at your surroundings before posting the picture? Yeah, take notes!
When you see it

Well, sometimes you don’t have to look at the background, you leave some things lying around right in front of you and you fail to see it. Admittedly, it’s a cute dress but when you see what’s wrong with the picture, the focus leaves the chick and goes at the item instead.
When boredom strikes

What do you do when you’re bored in class? You know, usually people use phones to take a picture because it’s so much easier but maybe the times are changing. Either way, it would really do you good if you focused on the lecture than taking a selfie…

Bathroom selfies

People take bathroom selfies all the time. We had one who took the picture while her friend was peeing, the other who took it immediately after taking a dump but we didn’t have any taken during the time on the toilet. Until now…
Car selfie

Remember the chick who had her picture photobombed by the people at the back? Well this is a different, much sadder kind of photo bomb. There’s no harm in being vain but with the difference of classes so evidently present, it just moves the focus away from you…
Caught in the act

Parents simply don’t understand the concept of selfies. This parent is particularly not happy and instead is questioning her daughter’s life choices. Unfortunately, that expression is what made the selfie turn to gold! Sorry, but some things are too epic to miss!
Bad parenting

Usually when you’re baby is in the bathtub, you need to give them your undivided attention. This mother, instead, thought it would be fun to go semi naked and take a trashy selfie instead! Who can blame her, some things just cannot be avoided.
What’s wrong with this?

This picture looks completely normal, doesn’t it? This guy decides to take a picture while he’s cooking, what’s the harm in that? People take pictures while pooping! Look closer though, looks more like a giant mirror and a bathroom sink moved into the kitchen…
Umm…what’s wrong with you?

Taking a picture with a shark is very different when it’s lying dead on the shore. You know what you shouldn’t do with it? Cuddle with a dead shark and take a picture! Seriously, the smell would be enough to drive people away, what’s wrong with you?!
Get everything in!

And finally we have a woman who desperately wants every inch of her into the picture. Too bad she doesn’t know how to do that or even have someone else take the picture for her. Either way, you cant help but wonder, what are you trying to do?

source : culturehook

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